Best Towable Water Tubes for Adults of 2022

June 24, 2022

Inflatable water tubes, commonly called towables or ski tubes, can be a great way to get some fun on the water. Whether you’re just out on your own relaxing and making some turns behind the boat or you’re looking to make some waves with family and friends, there are plenty of options! We’ve reviewed our favorite towable tubes for adults to help you choose what’s right for your next day on the beach.

6 best inflatable towable water tubes:

  1. SportsStuff Big Mable
  2. AIRHEAD AHTR-2 Blast 2 Rider Towable
  3. O’Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Towable Tube
  4. RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 100 Water Bouncer
  5. AIRHEAD Mach 2 Inflatable Towable Tube for Boating
  6. Airhead G-Force 3 Rider Towable Tube

1) Best towable tube for groups: SportsStuff Big Mable

If you’re looking for a towable tube that can hold up to four adults, the SportsStuff Big Mable is your best bet. It’s made with heavy-duty PVC and comes with a repair kit, so you can use it in both fresh and salt water without worrying about durability issues.

Plus, it has multiple handles for easy pulling during those long days on the lake—and if you need extra help keeping your group afloat, there are also two built-in safety handles located near the top of this product.

This towable features a double-action valve for quick inflation/deflation times (no more struggling with an air pump), plus it has enough space underneath its towline area to accommodate smaller kids who may not be able to fit inside their own tubes. The Big Mable is also comfortable enough that adults will enjoy using it too!

2) Best inflatable towable tube: AIRHEAD AHTR-2 Blast 2 Rider Towable

The AIRHEAD AHTR-2 Blast 2 Rider Towable Tube is a durable, spacious inflatable pass tube that is ideal for two people. It’s made of heavy duty PVC material and has a 15-foot tow rope to keep you connected to your boat. The AIRHEAD AHTR-2 can take on lakes and rivers alike!

The AIRHEAD AHTR-2 is easy to use, too: just inflate it with up to two valve nozzles (not included), attach the tow ring and pull your friends behind you in style, whether you’re out on the lake or relaxing at the river. When finished riding, deflate it by opening all valves, rolling it up tightly like an accordion and securing with tie down straps provided.

3) Best premium towable tube: O’Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Towable Tube

The O’Brien Super Screamer Inflatable Towable Tube is the best premium towable tube on the market. It’s durable, comfortable, and has some of the highest speeds on the market.

This tube has been designed with an internal bladder that can hold up to three adults comfortably as it rockets down the water.

It’s easy to use—simply pull out your paddleboard, inflate your towable tube and hook it up to your board via its built-in bungee cord (no ropes required), then head out onto open water!

The O’Brien Super Screamer is so easy to use that you’ll have no problem getting started right away with this awesome product!

The only downside of this product is its price tag; at $199 USD we were expecting something more affordable from such a high-quality brand like O’Brien Sports Incorporated™ but based on our testing we think this product may be worth every penny if you’re looking for something reliable and fun.

4) Best ride on towable tube: RAVE Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 100 Water Bouncer

The Rave Sports Aqua Jump Eclipse 100 Water Bouncer is one of the best towable tubes for adults, as well as being one of the most popular.

Weighing only 20 lbs., it’s surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry around even if you have a bad back or shoulder pain. It has a 300 lb. capacity and comes with a five-year warranty along with built-in safety bag that can be inflated quickly in case someone falls off while riding on it, providing support until the person can get out of the water safely.

The Aqua Jump Eclipse 100 Water Bouncer also comes with its own repair kit so that repairs can be made on site if necessary—no need for running back home for additional parts!

The tube itself is made from PVC material which makes it strong enough to withstand frequent use (and abuse) without breaking down over time; however, this material also means you should expect some odors coming off your tube after long periods of storage outside or frequent use during hot summer months when bacteria start growing inside your tire tubes due to heat exposure.

5) Best budget towable tube for adults: AIRHEAD Mach 2 Inflatable Towable Tube for Boating

The AIRHEAD Mach 2 Inflatable Towable Tube for Boating is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that can be used by both adults and kids.

It comes in multiple sizes to accommodate children as young as four years old through adults up to 300 pounds.

The tube inflates quickly and easily with a hand pump included with your purchase, which makes it perfect for families with little ones who don’t have much patience for waiting around while something inflates or deflates slowly on its own accord!

This tube can hold up to three people at once—so if you have a big group of friends who want to get out on the water together this summer but don’t necessarily want everyone going off into their own tubes (or all riding together in one small boat), this one’s ideal because everyone can fit comfortably on it without crowding each other out too much—and there’s still plenty of room left over for other personal belongings like coolers filled with snacks or drinks.

Getting back onto shore will also be easy thanks to built-in handles at either end as well as mesh netting along both sides so you won’t lose anything while paddling back home again after having fun splashing around all day long.

6) Best heavy duty towable tube for adults: Airhead G-Force 3 Rider Towable Tube

If you’re looking to take the family out on a water ride, then the Airhead G-Force 3 Rider Towable Tube is a great choice. With its heavy-duty PVC material and 600 pound maximum capacity, this towable can hold up to three riders at once.

The Airhead G-Force is also equipped with double grab handles, making it easy for three people to get back on board if they fall into the water while playing around on their tube.

This inflatable raft comes with reinforced seams and has been tested by over 1 million users without any issues reported thus far—so take that as an indicator of its durability! Because it’s made from such heavy duty materials, it can easily withstand being towed through rough waters without getting punctured or torn apart by rocks along river banks or shallow ocean shores where waves may crash against them unexpectedly (and unexpectedly hard).

How to pick the best inflatable tube for adults

Your inflatable tube is your ticket to a summer full of fun in the sun. With one of these five great towable tubes, you’ll be able to float down a river or take long rides at the beach with friends and family. Before deciding on one, however, there are some things you should consider:

  • Where will you use your tube? If you’re planning on using it on water that has strong currents—like a river or an ocean wave pool—you’ll want something heavy duty and durable. Inflatable tubes that are best for groups often have multiple handles so that they can easily be pulled by multiple people without falling apart or becoming too heavy for one person to handle alone. These kinds of inflatables also have wide bottoms and stable bases so that riders won’t slip off when trying to get back up again after being flipped over by waves or other obstacles along their path (such as other swimmers).

  • What type of ride do I want? Some types of boating experiences lend themselves better than others when paired with an inflatable boat because they require less effort from both operators and passengers alike; this means there’s less chance they’ll get tired while out enjoying themselves!

Best inflatable water tubes for adults summed up

When it comes to selecting a towable tube, there are several factors that need to be considered. The first factor is the size of your boat and how many people you want with you on the float trip. Secondly, you should think about what type of riding experience would be best for everyone in your group – whether or not they’re water skiers (some tubes are easier to get up on than others). Last but certainly not least take into consideration where exactly you’ll be going; this will make all difference when deciding between tube sizes as well!

That’s it from us today folks hope we’ve given some great tips on choosing the perfect towable tube! If any readers have any other recommendations then please leave us a comment below so others can read about them too.

We hope everyone has found our article helpful and now knows which type of towable tube is right for them. Happy floating!

Tierney Callahan

Tierney Callahan

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